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Wednesday Aug 1,2018

CrossFit has a tradition of honoring fallen heroes who have died while saving others. This workout will be done to honor retired Thai Navy SEAL and Petty Office First Class Saman Kunan.
Khun Saman died while diving through a flooded cave (Tham Luang) supplying air tanks to a group of 12 young students and their coach who were trapped 3.2 kilometers into the flooded cave. He successfully delivered the tanks, but died on the return dive on July 6.
Khun Saman was 38 years old, and volunteered for the mission to rescue the boys. The rescue involved dozens of people from many different countries, with a very dangerous and complex rescue into a flooded cave with extremely narrow passages.
All of the children and their coach were successfully rescued.
Khun Saman’s widow, Waleeporn Kunan said “Saman once said we never knew when we would die. We can’t control that, so we need to cherish every day.”  
The Saman Hero WOD will include running 3.2 kilometers — the distance the boys and their coaches were into the cave. Each round will include 13 deadlifts, representing the 13 people that Saman gave his life to rescue, and 17 wall ball repetitions, representing their 17 days underground.


Skill/Strength: Warm Up and go over movements for WOD

WOD: 8RFT 'Saman'  
13 x Deadlifts 85/55kg
17 x Wallballs 20/14lb
400m x Run
(38 min TC)

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